Bungie Gives Guardians A Glimpse Into Destiny’s Upcoming Events


Bungie recently gave Destiny fans a glimpse into the upcoming events scheduled for the game’s post-launch support.

Currently, Guardians can enter the Crucible Weekend Playlist that offers intense 3 vs. 3 Salvage matches. Expect to find yourself capturing and securing relics, while securing enemy probes for the chance at a variety of Crucible gear, marks and reputation.

Taking advantage of the Crucible playlist will help prepare your Guardian for the Vault of Glass raid, which opens on September 16. In order to uncover the mystery behind the Vault of Glass, Bungie is requiring players have already reached level 26. With a new set of raid gear up for grabs, it seems like the studio is giving fans a fair amount of time to grind their characters to level cap.

Bungie is also prompting players to watch out for the appearance of strange characters, with unique offerings, wandering around the Tower. The inclusion of additional NPCs coincides with an increase in Public Events scattered across the game’s various destinations.

Destiny certainly needs to prove its worth over the coming weeks, as Bungie continues to support and update the universe that they hope to immerse fans in for the next, oh, decade or so. Only time will reveal how long players find themselves wandering the Frontier in search of glory and loot, though.

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Source: Bungie