Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal: Everything You Need To Know


UPDATE: The presentation has now concluded. See below for a full summary of everything that was revealed.

Bungie’s gameplay reveal livestream for Destiny 2 is now underway, giving Guardians their first look at the adventures that await them this September.

Kicking things off with a gorgeous cinematic (above) featuring Commander Zavala, the long-awaited event showcases the new locations that players will be visiting, following the destruction of the Tower at the hands of the Cabal, the aftermath of which we first caught a glimpse of via last month’s announcement trailer.

But of course, gameplay is at the forefront of everyone’s minds today, and Bungie certainly hasn’t failed to deliver. The mission shown off, dubbed ‘Homecoming’ by Destiny 2 director Luke Smith, is a real-time playthrough of the Tower’s fall as it’s besieged by a gigantic Cabal fleet. Mankind may be on the brink of losing everything, but Guardians, it seems, won’t be going out without a fight with a slew of new abilities and weapons at their fingertips.

Speaking of which, new subclasses – one each for the Warlock, Titan and Hunter classes are shown off in spectacular fashion. The Warlock class, Dawnblade, sees the mystical class able to brandish a sword made of fire to effortlessly slice through enemies like warm butter. Likewise, Arcstrider Hunters can conjure a lightning-infused staff with which to fell their foes, with Titans keen, as always, to tackle enemies head-on. Forget flaming hammers, the new Sentinel subclass gains access to a void-powered shield as its signature weapon.

As for the more traditional side of combat, an armory’s worth of new weapons, including grenade launchers and what appears to be a minigun, are showcased alongside some stunning new visuals. Environmental effects, in particular, look to have received a considerable upgrade: torrential rain and thunderstorms batter the landscape without restraint.

The main demo comes to an end in the bowels of the Tower as Guardians come face to face with the Red Legion’s leader Gruul, who’s invaded Earth in order to confront the Traveler, but that’s just the beginning. Four new planets, including Io, Nessun and Titan, will all be explorable in Destiny 2, offering vastly different landscapes to those Guardian have grown used to in the original, and there’ll be more things to do in them, including treasure hunts and mini dungeons that contain dangerous boss enemies at their conclusion.

Catch your first glimpse of Destiny 2 in action via the trailer below.

To close out the show, Bungie spoiled audiences with one final gameplay trailer for the sci-fi sequel that summarizes all of the new features headed your way later this year.

Destiny 2 is out September 8 For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, the latter version of which will be available exclusively through Blizzard’s Sadly, no firm start date for the beta was provided during the show, but stay tuned for further details.