Burnout Crash Collides This August; Was Once A Wii Title

Not only has Burnout Crash! added an exclamation point to the end of its title, but there’s news that we may see it sooner than expected. Electronic Arts’ UK news site has posted information stating that the game could hit PSN and XBLA in August. When it was originally confirmed not too long ago, the downloadable title had an estimated fall release.

It’s also been discovered that Burnout Crash! was originally developed for the Wii. Alex Ward (creative director at Criterion Games), revealed this news at EA’s summer showcase, when he told Giant Bomb that the title was originally built as a user-created game for the motion-controlled platform.

“It was a user-created game where you drew a road with the wand, and we thought, if we made Crash Mode, you could make it all yourself.” Criterion worked on that idea for a while until they discovered it was, “quite boring.”

I’ve been a fan of the Burnout games for years, so I’m looking forward to this one, with the hope that it’ll achieve its fun potential.

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