Burnout Crash First Gameplay Footage

Criterion’s slightly unexpected mini Burnout spin-off title, Burnout Crash, has finally got some raw gameplay for us to check out. It’s a totally different arena from what we’re all used to and will potentially get ridiculed and dismissed by many. The new top down GTA 1 approach has a very distinct art style and immediately stands out from the other Burnout installments; I’m not sure if for the better or worse.

The crazy eye-watering racer appears to have taken a bit of a detour before it inevitably returns to the main road of the popular franchise. Back when the trademark was first registered for Crash, everyone expected the long awaited follow up to Burnout Paradise, and instead we have this, a PSN/XBLA party game.

Criterion’s blurb reads: “players are rewarded for causing traffic chaos by crashing into cars, triggering explosions and destroying everything in sight.”

Detailing that it will feature:

“Three game modes available across 18 crash junctions in six unique locations, each requiring different skills and strategies to maximize damage and destroy everything in sight, with a variety of player vehicles to unlock, high-value targets to seek and destroy, and surprise features to discover.”

The video is linked in below, what do the petrol heads amongst you make of this? I’m slightly worried.

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