Burnout Creators Reveal Aptly-Named Dangerous Golf; Due To Release In May



Former Criterion developers and creators of Burnout have unveiled their newest game, and it’s probably not what you’d expect. Yeah, that’s right, instead of creating games all about dangerous driving, Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry have switched wheels for clubs with Dangerous Golf, which comes to us courtesy of their new studio, Three Fields Entertainment.

Ward and Sperry say that the game is due to release digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in May, but stopped short of confirming prices. Anyway, as you’d expect of a game with such a title, Dangerous Golf is all about pulling off the flashiest tricks and destroying as much of your surroundings in the process.

In fact, in an exclusive interview with VideoGamer, Ward revealed just what the aim of the game is in their explosive sports title.

[Dangerous Golf is] as serious a golf game as Burnout was a serious simulation to driving games. We wanted to mix the attitude of Burnout with the destruction of Black whilst setting the golf ball on fire.

It’s very inspired by NBA Jam, which is a great, great sports game and something I still think about a lot. Obviously you’re going to set the ball on fire and cause a load of destruction. It’s just fun and silly and different, and it might be strangely familiar to some people who know our stuff.

In real golf you would probably really think about where [the ball is] going to go and try and land as near to the flag as possible. In our game you get more points if you deliberately land it as far away from the hole as possible, turn your back on the flag [and] bang it in the wall.

Just like with the Burnout series though, Three Fields are big on the multiplayer side of gaming, promising some tasty leaderboard-focused, head-to-head matches where players take turns to cause mayhem.

We’re very big on connected play, so there’s online leaderboards. There’s a lot of stuff obviously that wasn’t invented back when we started Crash mode [in Burnout] back then. We like playing for score, we’re arcade game fans, we’ve made arcade games our whole life. So we like playing for high score, we like competing against our friends. We’ve got a MAME cabinet in the office. We’re constantly playing stuff, and high score is a big driver, certainly for me and the guys on the team here. Beating each other’s scores, finding secrets and rewards. That’s always been in our DNA.

If you’ve ever thought golf just needed that little something to spice it up and make it more entertaining, Dangerous Golf sounds exactly like what you’re looking for. Plus, it’s being handled by people that know how to make games extremely fun.

So yeah, we’re excited. Are you? Let us know in the comments below.


Source: VideoGamer

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