Burnout Paradise May Soon Become Backwards Compatible On Xbox One



From the sounds of things, Burnout Paradise, Criterion’s ever-popular last-gen racer, may soon become a member of the Xbox One’s recently announced backwards compatibility program. At the very least, it’s on the right path.

Having surely received a lot of inquiries from excited fans who’d love to play the game on their new-gen boxes, Criterion took to Twitter to assure its followers that it is taking the appropriate actions to make Burnout Paradise playable on Xbox One.

“Yes, we ARE talking to Microsoft about making XBox 360 Burnout Paradise available on XBox One via backwards-compatibility! More news soon!”

In case you’ve been on vacation for the last month, backwards compatibility is a new feature that Microsoft announced for the Xbox One during its E3 2015 press conference. Currently available for Preview members, it requires publishers and developers to approach the Big M with interest in adding their games to the service.

Here’s hoping that Burnout Paradise will soon be added to Microsoft’s master list of approximately 100 backwards compatible games, because it really is a gem.

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