Burnout Studio Criterion Games Once Attached To Reboot F-Zero For Nintendo


Nintendo once approached Burnout developer Criterion Games to reboot its long-dormant racing series F-Zero for Wii U, according to a report by Nintendo Life.

As a matter of fact, at one point during development, the publisher’s flagship console was intended to launch alongside a new version of F-Zero in 2011, but this unfortunately never came to pass. Speaking to Nintendo Life, former Creative Director at Criterion Alex Ward touched upon the relationship – and indeed reboot – that never was.

“The objective was to show off a playable vertical slice of the game at E3 which would give fans a taste of what the full release would entail,” a source explained. “A quick turnaround was essential, but sadly Criterion was hard at work on bringing Need for Speed: Most Wanted to multiple platforms and therefore couldn’t spare the resource at the time.”

The exact reason behind the stalled project seems to be a matter of timing. Nintendo, looking ahead to E3, was “hard pressed for time” and requested a vertical slice to showcase to the budding masses. On the other hand, Criterion had its hands full with the multi-platform release of Need for Speed: Most Wanted at a time when the developer was still working under EA. This is of course before the studio opted to go independent – whereas many of the staffers joined Ghost Games, current helmer of the Need for Speed series – to create an all-new form of racing.

As for F-Zero, fans have ben lobbying for a return for over a decade at this point, given that the last entry in the series – F-Zero Climax – released in Japan back in 2004. In fact, many were disappointed that Nintendo didn’t mention the dormant series during its E2 2015 presentation, and it could be some time yet before the franchise makes a return.

Could it be that the House of Mario is reserving the racer alongside Metroid for the upcoming Nintendo NX? Time will tell.