Button Re-Mapping Making Its Way To All Xbox One Controllers


Button re-mapping is coming to all Xbox One controllers “soon,” according to a tweet sent out by Mike Ybarra, the Director of Program Management for Xbox. In a reply to another Twitter user questioning why controller configurations were only available for the upcoming Xbox One Elite controller, Ybarra stated, “It’s coming for all controllers soon.”

Button re-mapping is simply changing what the Xbox’s response is when you press a specific button. Tired of using “A” to jump in Destiny? Well, you’ll be able to switch it to clicking down on one of the joysticks if you want that instead.

The feature was, indeed, originally only a perk of purchasing the sleek, but pricey, Xbox One Elite controller, set for release on October 23 for a price tag of $150. Along with setting new button configurations to your liking, you also have the ability to switch out joysticks, as well as utilize paddle buttons located on the back of the controller to give you that extra edge in multiplayer.

Being able to map buttons to where you please has been something requested ever since the Xbox One hit shelves. Disabled gamers, who can benefit from it greatly, have even created their own mockups for what they would like the addition to look like if the idea were to ever be set into motion. P

No concrete date set as to when this will be available for Xbox One controllers everywhere, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s included in the anticipated “New Xbox One Experience” dashboard update, expected to launch sometime in November.