Call Of Duty 2020’s Setting Has Seemingly Been Revealed

Call of Duty

So often has Call of Duty flip-flopped between time periods that it’s incredibly hard for fans to guess just where their digital military career is headed next.

Back in time? Into the far-fling future? Perhaps a present-day affair? Within the last few years alone, all three settings have been (re)visited, with last year’s installment ultimately coming to rest on the latter of those three outcomes. Surprisingly, however, 2019 represented a first for the franchise in the sense that publisher Activision, clearly aware of the Modern Warfare brand’s popularity, decided the time was right for a reboot. The result was one of the most well-received – both critically and commercially – entries to date for developer Infinity Ward, but what’s next?

With co-developer Treyarch widely considered to be handling this year’s outing, could it be that it, too, is planning to revisit previous games in the series? The jury’s still out on that front, though seasoned and reliable leaker The Gaming Revolution believes exactly that is on the cards.

In responding to recent comments from fans discussing their latest video, The Gaming Revolution believes that Treyarch’s next game will not only be a continuation of the Black Ops series, but return to the Cold War/Vietnam setting first explored in the 2010 original.

To further fuel the idea, Gaming Revolution has posted a number of clips featuring footage from the game, even going so far as to imply that manual healing will be making a return.

We’ll just have to wait and see if any of the above turns out to be accurate, of course, but given the whistleblower in question’s track record with Call of Duty leaks, we’d be surprised if the outcome were any different. Watch this space for more.