Call of Duty: Black Ops II Sets Its Sights On Sept. 26 For PS3 And PC Versions Of Apocalypse DLC


Last month, Xbox 360 gamers got to enjoy the Apocalypse DLC, Call of Duty: Black Ops II‘s final piece of season pass content. The pack included four new maps entitled Frost, Dig, Takeoff, and Pod as well as throwing in a rather robust zombie mode that sees everyone’s favorite brain eaters come out of World War I soil. The latter mode is called Origins and it features the original z-slayers from Call of Duty: World At War’s zombie mode.

Fortunately, PS3 and PC gamers waiting for their turn for the Apocalypse-boost in their Black Ops II experience don’t have to wait much longer. Activision has set a date for a PS3 and PC release of September 26th. As mentioned before, this is the final DLC pack for season pass holders. If you’re one of the season pass holders, you know the drill — you download the DLC the second it comes out with no additional cost. Non-season pass gamers will need to pay the $14.99 price tag.

Having already played it, I can say it’s worth the download for season pass holders but for those who’ll have to pay $15, well, that’s up to how much you love zombies. The maps are, well, new frag playgrounds — nothing less, certainly nothing more. Origins can be a blast with friends but as I mentioned before, it depends on how much thrill you still get out of the zombies experience.

Are you PS3 and PC gamers excited to finally get your hands on this Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Source: Joystiq