The Replacer Fills In So You Can Play More Black Ops II Revolution DLC

Activision released a new trailer today for Call of Duty: Black Ops II‘s upcoming Revolution map pack introducing us to an extremely helpful individual known as “The Replacer” (portrayed by everyone’s favorite The Big Lebowski Nihilist, Peter Stormare).

Knowing full well that CoD‘s multiplayer has a tendency to consume the lives of its hardcore fans, Activision has sent The Replacer to take care of all of your “responsibilities of life”. This means that whether you need someone to help your wife through labor, fill in for you at the office , or clean up your baboon’s habitat, The Replacer has you covered. Just let him be your “replacement you” and you will have all the free time in the world to memorize lines of sight on the latest Call of Duty map pack.

Revolution launches on January 29th for the Xbox 360 and adds four new maps to Call of Duty: Black Ops II‘s multiplayer; Hydro (a large map that lets you use the dam and water to kill enemies or block their path), Downhill (a medium-sized map set in the French Alps), Grind (a small skate park set in the Venice, California boardwalk that features curved cover), and Mirage (a map set among the sand dunes in the Gobi Desert). Additionally, Revolution introduces the franchise’s first gun DLC (the all-new Peacekeeper SMG), adds the Die Rise map to the game’s Zombies mode, and lets you become one of the undead.

Activision has not yet announced a release date for the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution DLC on any platforms except for the Xbox 360, however, unconfirmed reports state that we are looking at a February 28th launch for the PS3 and PC.

We will keep an eye out for any additional details on Revolution and let you know as soon as Activision announces anything. In the meantime, make sure to check out Black Ops II‘s latest trailer featuring The Replacer below.