Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Will Continue To Get Updates Throughout 2017


Treyarch isn’t done with Call of Duty: Black Ops III just yet, it seems – the studio confirmed via a developer livestream yesterday that last year’s iteration of the series will continue to receive updates throughout 2017. As per PlayStation LifeStyle‘s report, reputable Call of Duty fansite Charlie INTEL says that Treyarch’s Dan Bunting and Jason Blundell confirmed the studio’s intention to continue updating Black Ops III with new content next year, including further additions to its popular Zombies mode.

Although no specific details were provided, it’s not a stretch to imagine that Treyarch has additional multiplayer map packs in the works for Black Ops III‘s second year, especially given the series’ new three-year development cycle. In the past, Treyarch and Infinity Ward would alternate releases each year, with Activision announcing in 2014 that Advanced Warfare developer Sledgehammer Games had been added to the mix. As of now, four major DLC add-ons have been released for the title. Awakening, Eclipse, Descent and Salvation each introduced four competitive maps and one Zombies campaign map to the base game, injecting a liberal dose of replayability to the core experience.

With a large chunk of the series’ player base having likely migrated to this year’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, we’re not sure how successful additional content for Black Ops III would be financially, but considering how successful its predecessor continues to be, we could very well be wrong on that front.

Tell us, would you be inclined to pay more money for additional Call of Duty: Black Ops III content if Treyarch made it, or have you long since moved on? Let us know down below.