Call Of Duty Elite Tops Battlefield 3 Premium Subscribers By 1 Million

With both Activision and Electronic Arts reporting their latest quarterly earnings this week, we are getting a good look at how Battlefield 3 Premium is stacking up against Call of Duty Elite in terms of paid subscribers.

As of June 30, 2012 Battlefield 3 Premium has pulled in 1.3 million paid subscribers, generating an estimated $64 million in additional revenue LTD. This is up significantly from the 800,000 subscribers that EA reported after the first two weeks that the service was on sale.

Having launched alongside Modern Warfare 3 last November, Call of Duty Elite has enjoyed a healthy head start and its numbers reflect that. As of June 30, 2012 Activision’s service has 12 million total users, with 2.3 million of those opting for the paid subscription.

While Call of Duty Elite is the clear market leader between the two services, the truth is that both have been extremely successful.  Neither publisher has said much about their exact future plans for these type of subscription services, but with these kinds of numbers you can bet that whatever those plans are, they are in place, and are taking aim at your wallet as we speak.

Source: IGN, EA