Call Of Duty Leaker Teases Big Things Planned For Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Activision could soon outline plans to separate major components of the Call of Duty franchise and spin them off into their own standalone products.

That’s according to prolific insider Tom Henderson, at least, who’s stated recently over on Twitter that the aforementioned publisher has “BIG” things in the works for zombies content in particular. Following the fan favorite mode’s release for Black Ops Cold War, it would seem as if the intent going forward will be to launch any subsequent campaigns under a new name not directly associated with the existing IP. This will be as part of an initiative to make zombies not just a “3rd game mode” alongside traditional PvP or Warzone, says Henderson, though he’s either unwilling or unable to provide any further details on the subject.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

That being the case, we’re left completely in the dark with regard to when this venture (if, indeed, the unconfirmed reports prove true) will start to reach a point of completion that Activision is ready to make public, but suffice it to say the wait shouldn’t be too long. Taking into account the series’ annual release schedule, it could be later this year, when the buzz around whatever’s next for Call of Duty starts picking up momentum.

Now more than ever, the brand is one that encompasses many different cogs in a genre-dominating machine and we certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see zombies get top billing, so to speak, in addition to battle royale and arcade-style options in the years ahead.

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