Call Of Cthulhu E3 Trailer Rises From The Depths


Chaosium’s dark and gloomy pen and paper RPG is about to leap of the page in the form of Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive’s horror game, Call Of Cthulhu.

Pegged to arrive across consoles and PC in 2017, Focus Home’s Lovecraftian title sends players out into the shadows to explore the darker corners Darkwater Island. You’ll step into the shoes of Edward Pierce, a veteran private investigator who comes across a string of strange occurrences that culminate in the peculiar death of Sarah Hawkins and her prestigious family.

A psychological horror at its putrid core, it’s only when Pierce falls prey to the Call Of Cthulhu that he begins to experience mind-bending hallucinations, forcing the player to question what is real, and what is little more than an illusion. It’s certainly an exciting premise on paper, telling a dark story through the lens of an unhinged protagonist much like Frictional Games’ excellent SOMA.

Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive will unleash the Call Of Cthulhu at some point in 2017. Below, you’ll be able to have a peek at early screenshots for the Lovecraftian horror title.