Call Of Duty 2016 Will Catapult Activision’s Series Into Distant Future, According To Report


Infinity Ward’s yet-to-be-revealed Call of Duty 2016 will catapult the shooter series into the distant future, according to a new report.

Word comes by way of NeoGAF, where renown industry tipster Shinobi claimed that this year’s entry into the franchise will bring “full on sci-fi” to the table, namely space combat between two warring factions.

Should the report prove accurate, it wouldn’t be the first time that Call of Duty has whisked players into the inky blackness of space. Call of Duty: Ghosts, for instance, staged an impressive opening sequence around the Odin satellite in space, while more recent entries in Activision’s lucrative tentpole – namely Advanced Warfare and last year’s Black Ops 3 – have flirted with a futuristic setting.


Typically, the publisher would formally unveil the next Call of Duty at an event in late April or early May, lending some credence to these leaks being accurate insofar as they could’ve slipped out the gate a little ahead of schedule. Nevertheless, as the creative minds behind 2013’s Ghosts – not to mention the Modern Warfare sub-series – there’s a crackle of excitement surrounding Infinity Ward’s return to the helm.

Call of Duty 2016 is looming large on the horizon, and we’ll be keeping tabs on its development as it nears its planned fall release. But what are your thoughts on the alleged far-future setting?