Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendence DLC Will Make Its Way To PC, PS4 On April 30


In keeping with previous content packs, Activision has confirmed that Microsoft’s timed exclusivity for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s Ascendence DLC will expire after a thirty-day period, meaning that the add-on will make its way onto PlayStation 4 and PC come April 30.

First released for Xbox platforms at the tail-end of March, Ascendence will bring about a total of four all-new multiplayer maps for the futuristic shooter, and that quartet in question will include Perplex, Chop Shop, Climate and the Mount Rushmore-set Site 244. Like Havoc before it, this DLC will introduce players to a host of new weaponry, alongside the new-fangled grapple mechanic which will make the jump from single-player into Advanced Warfare‘s multiplayer segment.

Multiplayer isn’t the only focus of Ascendence, however, as the content pack also includes a new map for the game’s ever-popular Zombies Mode. Taking place on the outskirts of a desolated Atlas compound, users will have to defend against waves of the undead, not to mention all-new, mutated zombies that will tower above the other flesh-eating menials. Speaking in an interview from last month, Sledgehammer Games’ Co-Founder Glen Schofield spoke about the adulation from the shooter’s community, and how this circles back into the game itself.

The community response to Advanced Warfare continues to inspire us, and we’re pushing ourselves every day across all the teams to deliver our best. Havoc was a great start for DLC and we think Ascendance delivers even more of the nonstop action fans love.

After a month-long wait, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s Ascendence DLC will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PC on April 30.

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