Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC Dated For January 27th, Exo Zombies Included



Though eager fans knew it was due sometime this month, Activision has formally announced that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s maiden DLC pack, Havoc, will arrive for Xbox One and Xbox 360 on January 27.

As with previous map packs, the expansion will introduce four all-new multiplayer arenas in the form of Sideshow, Core, Drift and Urban. Not only that, fans of the first-person shooter can also look forward to a brand spanking new weapon known only as the AE4-Widowmaker — an assault rifle with a high-energy twist.

But perhaps the most enticing new-fangled addition that Havoc will herald is that of Exo Zombies, Advanced Warfare‘s spin on the franchise’s classic survival-based co-op mode. Given that it wasn’t included at launch, there’s now a particular kind of expectation resting on the mode’s broad, undead shoulders. Still, with the likes of John Malkovich, Jon Bernthal, Rose McGowan and Aliens‘ Bill Paxton onboard as voice actors, the game’s revamped Zombies Mode is certainly shaping up to be something special.

Havoc is the first of four planned DLC packs for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, with Ascendance, Supremacy and Reckoning all waiting in the wings. It’s unknown exactly when Havoc will launch for other platforms, though given Microsoft’s exclusivity deal in the past, it’s likely that the expansion will arrive for the likes of PlayStation 4 and PC a couple of weeks after its Xbox debut.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will receive its Havoc content pack on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on January 27. For more on the upcoming expansion, check out the detailed infographic below.


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