Call Of Duty: Black Ops Has Been Played For Six Centuries

Six centuries, that’s right, as of 9:58am PST, on November 10th, Call of Duty: Black Ops had been played for six centuries, and it’s only been out for one day. While waiting in the lobby for multiplayer games, a ticker scrolls along the bottom and shows off stats. According to Gamer’s Creatine, Call of Duty: Black Ops is boasting some damn impressive stats.

Take a look at the stats below, the first set is from the PS3 and the second set is from the XBOX 360.

656 years spent playing
9.60 billion shots fired
46,263,258 headshots
151,912 flags captured
281,451 flag returned
123,452,673 practice dummies destroyed
12,948,334 offensive and defensive medals gained

1,871,896 matches played
19,624,247 medals earned
66,55,382 headshots
0.12 percent of the world’s population has been killed

Considering the game had only been out for a day when these stats were released, that’s pretty impressive. I knew it would be popular, but six centuries, in one day, that’s pretty wild. I guess Treyarch has a hit on their hands. Move over Modern Warfare:2, there’s a new king of online shooters.

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