Call Of Duty: Black Ops III’s Awakening DLC Coming To PlayStation 3 Next Week


By now, you have to believe that any individual that considers gaming to be a serious hobby rather than a casual means of entertainment has upgraded from the last-gen Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 to their shinier, more powerful successors, but if you haven’t, don’t worry, developers haven’t abandoned you. Not entirely, anyway.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III publisher Activision has announced that the game’s first DLC map pack – Awakening – will be coming to last-gen after all, kind of. If you’re on PlayStation 3, the DLC will be available on April 5 for $14.99, but unfortunately, there’s not even a whisper of the Xbox 360 getting the same thing anywhere in the announcement.

Of course, Activision could just be giving the Xbox 360 announcement more time as, if it were to release, it would be under the same timed-exclusive deal that the PlayStation 4 has over the Xbox One and PC, but don’t hold your breath – a release of Awakening for Microsoft’s platform may simply not be on the cards at all.

In other news, developer Treyarch is gearing-up as we speak to reveal Call Of Duty: Black Ops III‘s second DLC pack for current-gen platforms. The reveal will take place tomorrow, March 31 on a livestream with game director Jason Blundell. Keep an eye on the game’s official Twitter page for a specific start time.