Campaign Detailed In Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Narrative Trailer


A new narrative trailer for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada has appeared online today to shed light on what the game’s campaign is set to entail. Currently slated for a Spring 2016 release, the Games Workshop-inspired title is set to draw on some classic conflicts from the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

The single player campaign for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada will take its players into the void battles of the 12th Black Crusade of Abaddon, and Focus Home Interactive explain the context of the campaign in the video’s introductory blurb:

The Gothic Sector is in constant evolution, and new threats often make an appearance such as the Ork pirates, or the Eldar corsairs. The Chaos forces will often launch assaults on Imperial worlds, while your allies will request your support. Quite often, multiple events will arise simultaneously, requiring you to take critical decisions and bear the weight of their consequences, such as different access to resources, or available allies… in the end, your decisions will influence the unfolding of the Gothic War itself.

With a variety of armies from the Warhammer 40,000 universe converging on Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, the stakes look like they’ll be extremely high for you and your fledgling armada come Spring.

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