Campo Santo Is Working To Improve Firewatch Performance Issues On PlayStation 4



It may have only been a day since Firewatch launched, but developer Campo Santo is already looking to address the performance issues found in the title on the PlayStation 4. Besides now being available on the PS4, the Wyoming-set adventure additionally is available for Windows PC.

Speaking to the fine denizens of NeoGAF, Campo Santo revealed that they have been speaking with the proper parties about getting the frame-rate issues with the game fixed.

FWIW, we’re currently talking to both Sony and Unity and we’re all working hard to to optimize performance of Firewatch on PS4.

It’s tricky, because it really requires all three partners working together to improve — it’s not something we can tackle on our own, unlike a game bug — but we’ll definitely continue to patch all platforms with every content and performance fix we can over time!

To summarize: we’re on it.

Elsewhere, Sean Vanaman of Campo Santo addressed the issues with the port over at Reddit, and what the upcoming patch for the title holds.

Couple’a updates. One is that we’re in pipe with SCEA to get a patch into the game but it’s like 99% strange content fixes we’ve found as lots of people play the game on PC. So that’s coming but we’re at the mercy of the console patch process.

Secondly, we’re currently talking with both Sony and Unity (the creators of the engine the game is built in) to continue to optimize performance of the game on console. Unfortunately, it’s a process that requires all three parties to be involved unlike a typical bug that we can quickly fix on our own (we’re pretty good at that). We’ll definitely be patching all platforms with every little content and performance fix we can find so folks can rest assured we’re doing everything we can (and WILL for a long time. We want the game that’s on Steam/PS4/anywhere to be the best possible version even after we’re out out of the excitement of the launch window).

Vanaman goes on to say that after play testing the title for “hundreds of hours,” he barely noticed the frame-rate issues plaguing the port. I addressed my complaints with the performance of Firewatch on the PS4 in my review, and you can browse forums across the internet and hear similar feedback. It would be foolish to hold a grudge against the studio, and I certainly don’t, but I do hope these problems are ironed out over the coming weeks.

For those that have already explored the Shoshone National Forest, what are your thoughts regarding the performance of Firewatch on the PlayStation 4? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: VG247

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