‘Can You Feel The Hunger?’ — Bandai Namco Teases Mysterious Game

2015-12-18 (7)

Bandai Namco is getting ready to announce a new ‘mysterious game’ next week, building up to the reveal by setting up an eerie teaser website. The company launched the site via its Twitter feed with the following Tweet:

A quick glance at the site won’t give you much information to go on, just a flickering countdown timer, currently at just under 63 hours, and some strangely unsettling static noises. In the background is the blurry hashtag #mysteriousgame, and if you wait long enough, the screen is abruptly interrupted with a very quick succession of screenshots as well as several short messages written in Spanish, French, and German. According to Siliconera, these messages, once translated into English, include phrases such as “There is no escape” (above) and “Teamwork will lead the way.”

All of this is very ambiguous, but a few eagle-eyed people have shed some light on what all these vague messages may be pointing to. If you’d rather have this hidden game stay as much of a surprise as possible until the official announcement at the start of next week, don’t read on…..


The general thought from those who have analyzed the site is that this new secret game could be a localization of the publisher’s action-RPG God Eater 2: Rage Burst. Siliconera has again pointed out that one of the screenshots flashed on the teaser website looks identical to an in-game screenshot from Rage Burst, minus the HUD. However, this is still just speculation—these images may have just been put in as red herrings.

Bandai Namco will presumably reveal what all these cryptic messages mean for certain, whether it’s a localization or a brand new IP, when the countdown reaches zero at 5 AM PST on December 21st.