Go On A Canyon Run With Turn 10’s First Forza Horizon Developer Diary

Forza Horizon is more than just a racing game – it’s a celebration of car culture, which will offer fans of the franchise exciting options that its predecessors did not. That list of exclusives includes, but is not limited to, nighttime driving, canyon runs, roadside distractions and traffic, all of which will be presented within the game’s gigantic world. Needless to say, this stand-alone iteration is a new beast.

Those who’ve been itching to find out more about the much-anticipated racer, which will surely sell like hotcakes given Turn 10’s devoted following, should check out its first developer diary. Featured below, the 3.5 minute-long video highlights all of the above-mentioned options, along with others that didn’t make my short list.

Forza Horizon will speed onto the Xbox 360 platform on October 23.

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