Capcom Allays Fears That RPG Deep Down Is In Trouble


Capcom Online Games may have not had much to show for its upcoming RPG Deep Down of late, stoking fears that the visually stunning title had run into trouble, but according to several updates from developers at the Japanese publisher, the PlayStation 4 exclusive is staying true to its course.

Granted, Deep Down is yet to be confirmed for North America and other western markets, but that hasn’t stopped Capcom from providing updates on the game’s debut in Japan, with Yoshinori Ono — game director at the company — even going so far as to say that we will learn more about the nebulous title in the coming months.

“We are currently working diligently on Deep Down, so please give us a little more time. We may be able to show you some big developments this year.”

Part Dark Souls, part Assassin’s Creed, Deep Down‘s storyline will hop between a medieval realm teeming with dragons and foul beasts and New York in the year 2094. It’s an intriguing, at times baffling premise, but for all intents and purposes, Capcom is willing to grant the creative team as long as they need without hastily slapping an arbitrary release date to engineer hype. In fact, according to producer Kazunori Sugiura, Deep Down is being built as an experience that can draw players in for up to fifteen years.

“[Deep Down] is a title that has to be able to compete for the next 15 years or so, so from a graphics standpoint we can’t release it as it is now, saying that it’s the best there is.”

Talk about setting expectations. Nevertheless, this RPG along with the recently-unveiled Dragon’s Dogma Online represent a new, online-centric approach for the Japanese publisher, shifting gears to focus on free-to-play titles with true, near-AAA production values. However, it remains to be seen whether Deep Down will be worth the wait after all is said and done.