Capcom Details New Features Headed To Street Fighter V In March

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V‘s been subject to a little criticism lately due to the apparent lack of content available in the day one version of the game, but there’s a whole lot more on the way for fans of the beat ’em up in March.

In a lengthy post on Capcom’s Unity blog, new info regarding costumes, game modes, new characters and more were previewed in advance of their release next month.

Alternate costumes for each character, which will be unlocked for purchase (either with Fight Money, real cash or both is unclear) after completing each fighter’s respective story mode are first on the cards, but there’s much more on the table besides aesthetic diversity.


Most agree that Street Fighter V has some of the best fighting game mechanics of any title in the genre, but lacks several standard game modes for fans that enjoy playing against the CPU. So in lieu of those concerns, Capcom’s got Challenge Mode in the works, which consists of 4 sub-modes which aim to help you improve your skills with your favorite character.

Combo trials and daily challenges which reward Fight Money upon completion will task you with completing specific tasks in order to clear them. Titles and “other cool content” will be unlocked through completing them.

Lastly, Extra Battle pits you against special CPU bosses in the “ultimate challenge.” Again, “in-game rewards” can be earned through successfully beating the mode, which features special opponents such as Shadaloo soldiers.

Sure, Capcom could have delayed Street Fighter V‘s release date by a few weeks or months to ensure all of this content was available at launch, but all of it will be made available for free in the coming months, so there’s little reason to be upset.

The post ends by confirming that the first DLC character – Alex – will be available to download in March, with Capcom promising that completing story mode will reward more than enough Fight Money to unlock him completely free.

Well that’s it, guys. All that’s left now is for Street Fighter V to actually release. The fighter hits PlayStation 4 and PC tomorrow, February 16, but we’ve already had the chance to review the full game already, and you can check out our thoughts here.

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