Capcom Fine Tuning Resident Evil 6 Based On Demo Feeback

Speaking to Destructiod at San Diego Comic-Con, Resident Evil 6 producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi revealed that the development team is listening to player feedback from the RE6 demo that was included with Dragon’s Dogma, and using it to improve the final game.

Hirabayashi stated, “We’ve heard a lot of feedback based on the demo we released. The team is still working hard to fine tune it. We understand the parts of the demo that came with Dragon’s Dogma that were not received favorably, to put it mildly. We wanted to make sure we could try to improve on these things — the camera angles, the tearing and other issues.”

One of the most noticeable improvements that the current Resident Evil 6 build sports over the demo is that the main character has been repositioned towards the edge of the screen, and no longer partially blocks the view of the action.  Additionally, the player now has the ability to choose which side of the screen they want their character to occupy, and can even change the position of the HUD or turn it and waypoints off completely.

The producer also revealed that RE6’s camera system has been reworked to allow the player to independently invert the X and Y-axis, and adjust the camera’s pan speed. Other new camera/aiming choices that were mentioned in the interview include the option to aim in either the “direction the player is facing” or the “direction the camera is facing”, and the ability to change the target reticle into a RE4-type laser sight.

Hirabayashi concluded, “We wanted to give people the ability to choose which features they want to set the game with so that they can play in a way that feels more intuitive to them… We want [fans] to enjoy it, so we’re trying to push the game in the direction that the players want.”