Capcom Under Fire For Resident Evil 3 Remake’s Ridiculous Regional Pricing

Resident Evil 3

Capcom might be effortlessly brushing aside the competition with hit after hit as of late, but not everyone who considers themselves a fan of the developer has had a chance to play its latest and greatest creations.

Last week, the studio finally announced the long-awaited and rumored remake of Resident Evil 3. Naturally, followers of the survival horror series are immeasurably excited to be scared senseless by the terrifying Nemesis all over again come spring next year, but not all will be fortunate enough to do so, it would seem. In a thread appearing earlier today on the ResetEra forums, user Chairmanchuck put together a price comparison table of the title’s price by region and in doing so, revealed a number of eye-opening discrepancies.

Check out the ridiculously inconsistent conversion rates below:

As is standard for any triple-A game release in the US, Resident Evil 3‘s price tag is the usual $59.99. Nothing out of the ordinary there, of course, but compare that recommended retail price with, say, Israel’s, and the issue comes into full focus. Those living in the Middle Eastern country will be expected to fork over 287 Israeli New Shekel, or $82.19 USD, for the exact same product. And the baffling translations don’t end there, either.

With some of the lowest wages of any country listed, Valve’s own recommended conversion rates for Argentina are low to compensate. In Resident Evil 3‘s case, however, Argentinian fans are expected to pay 4,200 Pesos for a copy of the remake, which is approximately $70.30 USD. Unsurprisingly, many commentators on the ResetEra thread state they’ll be abstaining from picking up one of next year’s big releases, not necessarily out of protest, but due to concerns over affordability.

Hardly an ideal situation, then, and Capcom will assuredly want to address the issue ASAP, or risk being the target of piracy.

Resident Evil 3 is out April 3rd, 2020, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.