Capcom Looking To Hire Developers For “New Fighting Game”

yoshinori ono capcom

Legendary Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono has revealed that the publisher is starting development on a “new fighting game,” and are in the process of hiring for their “Tokyo or Osaka Studio.”

Ono made the announcement on his Twitter account last night, saying:


While answering questions about the new fighting game, Ono added that “I don’t know that our target platform,” and that he “can’t speak” on whether it is for next or current-gen consoles. He also stated that his team is “making preparation for development in just now.

Considering that active development has not yet started, it will likely be at least a year before we hear exactly what Capcom is cooking up under Ono’s watchful eye.

Since we seem to have nothing but time on our hands, feel free to speculation away in the comments below on your best guess for whatever Capcom is working on. Street Fighter V? Super Duper Ultra Fantastic Happy Fun Time Street Fighter IV? A new IP? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: Destructoid

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  1. Taiwanese Guysays:

    FIGHTING GAME GENRE will need a RE-BIRTH first with NEW GAMEPLAY to adjust to NEW REALITY not more ARTsy-FARTsy Narrative BS!! =/

    FIGHTING GAME GENRE evolved from BEAT’EM UP GENRE such as Double Dragon and so forth under ARCADE ERA from Street Fighter 2, Fatal Fury: King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat, Samurai Showdown, Virtual Fighter, and then died under Killer Instinct! Rare is great company BTW, and Nintendo under Hiroshi Yamauchi sure got balls to support newly great developers back those days!! >=)

    Tomonobu Itagaki introduced REVERSIBLE, UNBLOCKABLE, and so forth to keep TURTLERS, which is same as CAMPERS in FPS, on their toes! He sure kept this FIGHTING GAME GENRE alive for a while in CONSOLE ERA with Dead or Alive up against Tekken, Soul Edge, and so on!! 😉
    I think FIGHTING GAME GENRE will probably decline after Injustice: Gods Among Us because everything is kind of REPETITIVE and REBOOT these days! Quentin Tarantino said that BATMAN IS WEAK SAUCE TO BEGAN WITH, which is true! DC Comics is owned by Warner Bros along with those OLD IP, and how many Superman REBOOTS do we really need on SILVER SCREEN? All of these CORPS now a day only knows how to milk OLD IP instead of developing NEW IP! How lame is that!? =(

    1. Taiwanese Guysays:

      Yie Ar Kung-Fu is really prototype for Street Fighter 2 and all FIGHTING GAMES that follow! The difference would be that SF2 have 6 buttons (from weak, medium, or strong attacks) instead of 2 buttons (just punch or kick), allowed HUMAN PLAYERS to challenge over just NPCs of different stages, and SF2 allowed BLOCKING and SPECIAL ATTACKS (up to 2 to 3 types usually)! Of course, most of these are inspired by Bruce Lee MOVIES of that ERA along with more GAMES such as Kung-Fu Master and so on! Anyhow, FPS seriously needed a RE-BIRTH, too, rather than end with just CoD only! FPS as a GENRE had recently become our norm these days consider that ADVENTURE GAME GENRE used to be norm and POWERHOUSE OF GAMING for PC GAMING in its early days when MONETIZATION MODELS and TASTES OF GAMERS will always change with time, technology, and new lifestyle as well!! 😉

      It seems that Capcom is busy with Ultra Street Fighter 4 now a day! Don’t forget to throw in Mohammad, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Buddha, and of course, Joe Pesci (God bless Joe Pesci…. lol)! Oh, BLEACH would make such a great FIGHTING GAME in USA Market if milking OLD IP and EXISTING IP is what Capcom do mostly these days aside supporting CRAPPY IP just like Remember Me, DmC, and other simply BS CRAPS pretended to be our VIDEO GAMES today! Tite Kubo of BLEACH if working for most GAMING CORPS today would probably not survived too well in a Dilbert culture, which seem to promote SENIORITY AND OBEDIENCE over TALENT AND CONTRIBUTION! Good thing that Akira Toriyama of DRAGON BALL and CHRONO TRIGGER (one of great JRPG of all time) recognized him and give him encouragement, or else that would be another GREAT TALENT swept under the rug of that unfortunately system!! {roll my eyes}

      I still highly recommend moving your Capcom Taiwan branch to Kaohsiung even if it’s just iOS and Android GAMES with SMALLER BUDGET! PS4 and Xbox One simply cost too much to make anyhow for TAIWAN at this point or for most SMALL STUDIOS! Only in Kaohsiung City can TAIWAN have those needed RESOURCES and TALENTS to make kinds of games to match something close to Infinity Blade in 3D for hand held! If not, Capcom Taiwan can always help port some OLDER Capcom IP in ARCADE ERA to Apple iOS, Google Android, Sony PS Vita, and Nintendo 3ds plus LOCALIZATION of other Capcom VIDEO GAMES later on such as Dragon’s Dogma (vs Skyrim) or Deep Down (vs Dark Souls obviously, but why just be a WESTERN WANNABE when BLEACH and SAMURAI of Akira Kurosawa are JAPANESE and sold well, too)! Just something to think about!! >=)

      1. Taiwanese Guysays:

        Capcom should bring Monster Hunter series to USA Market with “Capcom ‘continuing to evaluate’ bringing Monster Hunter 4 west”! Bring Monster Hunter series to USA Market is really a no brainer for cash-strapped Capcom!! {roll my eyes}

        Hideo Kojima of Konami and Tomoyuki Tsuboi of Konami are very smart with “Konami opens Los Angeles studio for Metal Gear Solid” and also “Konami opens Metal Gear-focused LA development studio” in my point of view!! >=)

        “El Segundo, California” is where Rhythm & Hues Studios layoff some of their OLD EMPLOYEE, which could be GOLD MINE with what THEY can do shown in Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi”! LA, CA is my number one choice of expansion foothold in USA Market next to Seattle, WA (second choice) if I was one of those LARGER PUBLISHERS! LA, CA have CalArts (known as Walt Disney school and Pixar school now a day) and Art Center College of Design (known for Automobile Design) for producing GREAT 2D/3D ANIMATORS and 3D MODELERS! LA, CA also have Caltech (known with Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and UCLA for producing GREAT PROGRAMMERS and AMAZING AEROSPACE ENGINEERS to work at “Skunk Works”! Of course, “Monterey Park, California” have largest of our EAST ASIANS POPULATION in USA as well! This is not to mention that LA, CA is home to “Electronic Entertainment Expo”, “Naughty Dog”, “Santa Monica Studio”, “Activision Blizzard”, “Infinity Ward”, “Pandemic Studios”, with “Electronic Arts” nearby to north, and so on!! 😉

  2. Taiwanese Guysays:

    Is there a Capcom branch near TAIWAN? Rhythm & Hues Studios have one of their branch in TAIWAN now! This is one thing that Ang Lee did right even though I am not a big fan of his mostly SLOW FILMS! However, I’m a big fan of Akira Kurosawa and George Carlin with 4 GROUPS THAT GOTTA GO though, which I think VIDEO GAMES in general should be like that…. hehe! Of course, VIDEO GAMES are not same medium as FILMS!! >=)

    1. Taiwanese Guysays:

      It seems like Capcom do have a branch in Taiwan with “CAPCOM 正式進軍台灣 打造亞洲遊戲新據點”, but it is really in wrong place such as Taipei, Taiwan (1st largest city) instead of Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2nd largest city) with Kaohsiung International Airport for quick transportation! Kaohsiung is 28% cheaper than Taipei (based on Expatistan)! Which is CHEAPER for DEVOPMENT COST and more LIVABLE LIVING STANDARD for any GAME DEVELOPERS in between Tokyo, Japan (1st largest city) and Osaka, Japan (3rd largest city or 2nd if not counting Yokohama) with Osaka International Airport and also with Kansai International Airport now? Osaka is 29% cheaper than Tokyo! Tokyo is not just most expensive city in Japan! Tokyo is one of most expensive city in our EARTHLY WORLD!! =/

      Taipei is also kind of home to THOSE Pro-Blue PEOPLE that think TAIWAN belong to CHINA, but won’t go the hell back to CHINA with their 3rd rated BUREAUCRATIC and Pro-China CORRUPT BS! Taiwan’s fastest CLOUD-BASED “Render Farm” is with NARLabs located at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan, which is faster than anything SOUTH KOREA will ever have at this point! However, TAIWAN unlike SOUTH KOREA do not have FASTEST INTERNET in our EARTHLY WORLD, so distance to any CLOUD-BASED “Render Farm” is a consideration especially in 3D Animation and 3D Modeling of Video Games! Why do YOU think that Rhythm & Hues Studios is located at Kaohsiung instead of located at Taipei? If Capcom want to make 1st rated 3D Video Games in Taiwan, then Kaohsiung is a better choice because I’ll be in SOUTH, too, at either Taiwan or at Japan (once I improved more on my Japanese) if we have a mutual understanding on that…. haha!! 😉

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