Capcom Seemingly Teases The Resident Evil 3 Remake Again

Resident evil 3

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I’ve already eaten and put in my bare minimum with my mediocre family, so now here I am, on the prowl once more for any big news beats. And while I may be looking into it too much, I think Capcom might’ve teased us once again with their still-not-confirmed Resident Evil 3 remake. Maybe.

On the official Resident Evil Facebook page today, to celebrate the ongoing Steam Autumn sale, Capcom posted a big ol’ poster that celebrates the entire franchise, most of which is, you guessed it, on sale. However, prominently featured on the poster are both Jill Valentine and Nemesis, the protagonist/antagonist of the aforementioned possible remake.

The main reason why people are looking into this as a tease is because there’s no Resident Evil game currently available on Steam that features 1998-era Jill Valentine as a protagonist, nor does any game feature Nemesis as a main antagonist. Granted, Jill does appear as a sub-boss in Resident Evil 5, and as the protagonist of Resident Evil: Revelations. Nemesis can be fought against in the awful Operation Raccoon City, too, so that counts, I guess?

Still, it just seems weird to feature the old-school looking Jill front and center. It does almost look like a new render, too, but it could be her model pulled from whichever of those Wii light-gun games she appeared on. I have no way to know for sure. All I know is literally any sign of the remake happening gets me salivating. I think even my couldn’t-care-less girlfriend knows about it.

Ah, well, what can you do? Maybe it’s the tryptophan talking, but a Resident Evil 3 remake would be a dream come true. I think the Resident Evil 2 remake is one of the best games of 2019, so here’s to hoping that its sequel will follow in its shambling, undead footsteps, whenever it officially debuts.