Capcom Lights The Way To New Information On Deep Down

Deep Down


Capcom recently released a new trailer for Deep Down alongside a small selection of in-game screenshots. While these assets may seem a simple offering to appease fans that are eagerly hoping for more insight into what exactly the game offers, the developer has also lit our way out of the dark by revealing new information on the highly anticipated RPG.

As reported by DualShockers, stepping into the world of Deep Down takes you to New York City in the year 2094, where you play as a member of a group called the Ravens. You possess the unique ability to read the residual thoughts that linger on items, allowing you to make a living by clarifying the stories of ancient cultures at archaeological sites. At the start of the game, a late 15th century ruin is uncovered during an excavation in the Czech Republic, revealing the existence of a mysterious ancient culture. The player is soon tasked with investigating the ruins to unlock all its lost memories.

Interestingly, this storyline remains but one side to this intriguing RPG. Environments players explore will be randomly generated with unique enemy and equipment spawns each time, and dungeons that are created in the world will be shared. This dungeon sharing allows users to discover the corpses of other fallen players, and possibly loot their bodies.

In addition, the depths of Deep Down will feature a unique characterization feature, called Mementos, that incorporates general themes of feelings for each space. This means that a dungeon of wrath would be illuminated by primarily red lights and infused with a heavy presence of fire, giving it the illusion of a fiery underworld that is projected through manholes under your feet. Similarly, a dungeon of sorrow is frozen over by sheets of ice that refracts heavy light within. Surviving these elements will prove a formidable task but the reward will be great, as Mementos serve a greater function by upgrading a players weapon and armor.

Are you excited to see what Deep Down has to offer PlayStation 4 owners in 2014? Be sure to leave us your extensive thoughts in the comments below. I am personally eager to see what the dungeon of laziness looks like. Oh wait, I already know that one.