Capcom Peels Back The Curtain On Resident Evil Zero HD, Remake Hits Consoles And PC Early 2016


It seems Capcom is doing good on its intentions to revisit older titles that will inevitably pave the way for further HD remakes. And so, following the record-breaking success of Resident Evil HD back in January, the Japanese giant has switched its focus to another installment in the legendary horror series: Resident Evil Zero.

Announced via a YouTube video, the clip is presented by the producers of the series, and here the development team hint at some of the revamped horrors to come when the remake make its debut on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC in the early stages of 2016.

The dev team – including Koji Oda, RE Zero’s original director – is hard at work on RE Zero, but took some time away from their screens to record this personal message. You might say RE producer Hirabayashi-san is “passing the torch,” but instead of a torch it’s a… well just watch the video.

Forget Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, Resident Evil Zero orbits around Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen – a police detective and death row prisoner, respectively – who form the unlikeliest of unlikely partnerships following a zombie outbreak. Originally released as a GameCube exclusive in 2002, RE Zero introduced some mechanics that were novel for the time, including the ability to control both protagonists at any given time.

Treading the same path as the aforementioned Resident Evil HD, Capcom has assured fans that they can look forward to a similar visual upgrade and perhaps some tweaked controls when Resident Evil Zero HD shuffles onto consoles and PC next year.

Source: Capcom

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