Capcom Says Project Resistance Will Be A Great Survival Horror Experience

Project Resistance

Though Capcom’s recently revealed Project Resistance has been met with its fair share of criticism – mainly due to the series’ new multiplayer-centric direction – the game’s producer has stepped in to placate fans of the legendary horror franchise.

As WGTC reported earlier this week, Capcom producer Matt Walker took to Twitter and wrote that while it’s “totally valid that people want more of the quality core [Resident Evil] experience” the Japanese publisher needs “to continue to branch out and try to offer up new gameplay in addition to refining the experiences people expect.”

Now, Walker has continued to defend their upcoming project, promising that the game’s core experience will stick closely to the series’ survival horror roots:

Project Resistance offers up a really interesting way to do that. The most important part? That it’s a great survival horror experience, if non-traditional. I think we confuse things when we make things related to IP that don’t actually stay true to the core spirit of the IP, but this project happily doesn’t fall into that trap.

I can’t wait till the closed beta to have more people actually play it and see how it is a refreshing new take, but very surely survival horror at its core. People who have played it have been positive, and I hope during CBT even more people will have fun playing it.

We’re also earnestly trying to get feedback from people who have played it so we can actually make it better, which I feel is fairly rare from a publisher of our size. Based on that feedback, it could grow from a project to a fantastic game.

As you may already know, Project Resistance will be a co-op third-person shooter set in the world of Resident Evil, similar to previous spinoff entries, Outbreak or Operation Raccoon City. Interestingly, these aforementioned offshoot titles weren’t particularly well received by critics or fans alike. That all being said, we still have some hope that this could well turn out to be a decent horror experience if handled correctly by Capcom.

The real good news out of all this, though? Project Resistance is undoubtedly a spinoff project for Capcom, so this will likely not be replacing any core entries in the horror series. In other words, a Resident Evil 3 Remake is still very much on the cards, folks. Phew!