Capcom Reveals First Screens And Gameplay Details For Ace Attorney 6; Demo Playable At TGS


Capcom has formally revealed Ace Attorney 6, with the publisher’s official site containing a handful of screenshots and early gameplay details for the latest installment in the popular visual novel series.

As translated by Gematsu, Capcom’s sequel is reportedly set in a foreign land unknown to our protagonist Phoenix Wright, where its denizens live in respects of the spirits of the dead. Acting as the new kid in town, Ace Attorney 6 will thrust Wright into a situation where he knows no enemies, though after his involvement in an event referred to as the “incident,” he sets about changing the local court system for the good.

Here’s a list of the purported features put forward in Gematsu’s translated report.

– Phoenix Wright ends up traveling to an unnamed country.
– People there strongly believe in the spirits of the dead.
– The courtrooms in this country have something called a Water Mirror on the floor.
– On the top screen you’ll see the face of a character and words floating in the water.
– Young boy named Bokuto Tsuani is a monk-in-training who also works as a tour guide.
– Once he gets in his “Tour Guide Mode”, there simply isn’t any way to stop him.

Ace Attorney 6 will be playable for those in attendance at Tokyo Game Show later this month, which will be hosted in Makuhari Messe between September 17 and September 20. For more information about Phoenix Wright’s latest outing, you can check out the concept art for the sequel down below.

Source: Gematsu