Capcom Reveals Resident Evil 2 Almost Had A First-Person Mode


When Resident Evil 7 emerged from the shadows back in January of 2017, it broke new ground for Capcom’s time-honored horror franchise.

Not only was it the first mainline entry in the series to have a fully playable VR mode, but it also marked Resident Evil‘s transition to a first-person perspective – two gameplay mechanics that amplified the atmosphere and unrelenting terror substantially. It’s small wonder, then, that RE7 (which was simply called Biohazard in Japan) has pushed more than six million copies worldwide, prompting talk of a Resident Evil 8 now entering development.

But in the meantime, players are still finding themselves getting stuck into the recent remake of Resident Evil 2, and as it turns out, the developer almost included a first-person mode in that game as well. Ultimately, though, the idea was scrapped, leaving it to the modding community to implement it themselves. And frankly, that’s probably for the best, as we imagine some hardcode fans might’ve been upset with such a drastic change to the gameplay.

That being said, it might be wise for Capcom to include both first and third person modes if and when a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake materializes. After all, they’ve said that as long as we the fans demand it, such a thing will come to fruition. In fact, those options could even be presented in a Gold Edition of Resident Evil 2 somewhere down the line, though it’s really up to the publisher if they want to revisit that avenue when various mods for it already exist.

But we digress. It’s interesting to learn that first-person mode was considered at some point during development and with the game continuing to take fans by storm, we can’t wait to see if perhaps any of the other scrapped features end up making their way online in the form of mods.

Source: YouTube