Capcom’s Teasing A Devil May Cry Announcement


Not so long ago, Capcom was going through a tough period. Both its Street Fighter and Marvel Vs. Capcom series were (and arguably still are) floundering from poor sales and controversial content delivery models. Then last year’s terrific Monster Hunter: World came stomping into view and everything changed. Ever since then, the developer has been on a hot streak of success with the likes of Resident Evil 2‘s acclaimed remake and, as if we could forget, the original Dante’s glorious return in Devil May Cry 5.

We’re already beginning to hear the first faint whispers of what it has planned for Resident Evil‘s future, but what of the latter? It’s far, far too soon to expect a Devil May Cry 6 announcement, but that doesn’t mean something big isn’t on the horizon for the Son of Sparda and his cohorts. In fact, if recent developments during Anime Festival in Orlando last month are any indication, an announcement concerning just that is imminent.

As per footage posted on Facebook by panel attendee Daniel Southworth, Dante voice actor Reuben Langdon requests around the 45-minute mark that the crowd turn their cameras and phones off. The reason? Langdon says he’s been given permission by Capcom to provide fans with a special treat.

See below for the clip in question:

LIVE from Anime Festival Orlando!! The Sparda Squad! #DMC #DMC5 #AFO

Posted by Daniel Southworth on Saturday, August 10, 2019

Heeding Langdon’s request, Southworth shuts off his camera prior to the reveal so we can’t say for sure what was shown on-screen. There are, however, several possibilities. Ruling out Devil May Cry 6 for obvious reasons, the two major candidates for what Capcom has sleeved and ready for a later announcement are DLC for Devil May Cry 5 or footage for the series’ upcoming Netflix adaptation. The scales could tip either way, but given the venue in which the reveal was made, my money’s on the latter.

After all, Dante’s debut on the streaming service is an animated affair and I can’t imagine a better occasion to show it off than at an anime expo. Assuming that’s the case, the only question we’re left with now is, when does the rest of the world get to feast their eyes on that same footage? Gamescom, perhaps? Fingers crossed!