Capcom Trademarks Deep Down In US And Europe


Even though Deep Down was debuted at Sony’s North American PlayStation 4 reveal event back in February 2013, Capcom apparently never bothered to officially confirm a Western localization for the RPG. While nothing has technically changed in that regard, worried gamers (if there were any) can now rest easy because the publisher has filed the appropriate trademarks for the title.

As discovered by DualShockers, Capcom filed the Deep Down trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in July of last year and the mark now appears in their online database. European PS4 owners will also be pleased to know that a similar trademark application has also been filed in the EU.

If the lack of an official Western announcement for Deep Down has been keeping you up at night, let the news of the game’s trademarks set your troubled mind at ease. It is highly unlikely that Capcom would go to the trouble of announcing the game in New York, filing both US and EU trademarks, and then keep it exclusively locked away in Japan.

Of course, this the same company that has horribly mismanaged the Mega Man IP and run the Resident Evil franchise straight into the ground…

Source: DualShockers