Resident Evil 3 Delivery Could Be Delayed Due To Coronavirus

Resident Evil 3

With huge delays and setbacks in sporting events, film releases and conventions being issued due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was only inevitable that upcoming video game releases would be affected in some way, too. As the first major triple-A title of 2020 to arrive, Resident Evil 3 understandably has a huge amount of hype circling it, not least due to the fact that the remake is looking likely to mimic the success of last year’s similarly reimagined Resident Evil 2.

Blanket measures restricting movement across Europe have unsurprisingly led to logistical and import congestion across the continent, an issue that, Capcom says, could lead to sizable delays. In a statement issued to followers on social media, the company reiterated that Resident Evil 3 is still very much on course to meet its April 3rd street date, though some countries might not receive shipments in time to meet said launch.

The full statement can be found below:

As it should, Capcom is prioritizing the safety of customers over the timely arrival of a new game release. Potentially disappointing news for fans hoping to pass the time in lockdown with a brand new Resident Evil title, then, though it’s worth noting that digital downloads will remain unaffected for obvious reasons. That is, of course, assuming Sony and Microsoft can keep up with the increased strain on their online service servers in wake of guidelines to self-isolate at home.

That’s a worst-case scenario, though. Fans intent on playing Resident Evil 3 when the clock strikes midnight on April 3rd always have the option of cancelling physical pre-orders and opting to go digital instead. Either way, feel free to share with us your plans in the usual place below!