Captain America Reports For Duty In Trailer For China-Only Call Of Duty Online


A new, live-action trailer has blasted its way onto the scene for Call of Duty Online, a free-to-play experience that is to be exclusive to China.

Featuring cyborg zombies, towering Gears of War-styled monsters and, er, Captain America star Chris Evans, it’s fair to say that the latest arm in Activision’s monumental series is a little different from normal. Built around a microtransaction model, the online-centric experience is currently in an open beta and is inching ever closer to its full launch.

In partnering with local company Tencent, Call of Duty publisher Activision has struck up a deal that will likely help Call of Duty Online (CODOL) find a market of its own in the sovereign state. Aping the CGI-fuelled trailers that we are more familiar, the sizzle reel certainly sells the four-player co-operative aspect of the title, even if the production values pale in comparison to the CoD we know and love — or loathe, depending on your own personal taste.

There isn’t a western release date scheduled for Call of Duty Online at this time, and given how eccentric it is relative to Activision’s core franchise, it’s likely that CODOL will remain a China exclusive. Still, be sure to check out the zombie-slaying action above and let us know your own impressions of the spinoff in the comments.

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