Captain Olimar Makes His Return In New Pikmin 3 DLC

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Another round of Pikmin 3 DLC will be coming in December to the Wii U, according to Nintendo’s Bill Trinen. Announced during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation, this will be the third piece of downloadable content for the title.

The DLC will include eight new stages for the crew to explore with four being Collect Treasure Stages and the other four being Battle Enemies stages. The content will carry a price tag of $4.99 upon its release.

Unlike the previously released DLC though, these upcoming stages will be completely new. The other two content packs that have been released just took the levels included in the core game and mixed up the placement of food, traps and enemies. These new levels though were created from the ground up and feature completely unique designs such as a construction site and the inside of a house.

The main hook for this upcoming DLC though will be return of Captain Olimar and his assistant Louie. Olimar, the protagonist of Pikmin and Pikmin 2, will only be playable in one new stage. Louie, meanwhile, will have to be scouted out in some levels and those that bring him back to the main base will be able to control him, though it’s uncertain how many levels Louie will be controllable for.

Furthermore, an additional software update for Pikmin 3 is scheduled to be released alongside the DLC. The update is required for the title but will come with two free levels, one Collect Treasure and one Battle Enemies, with both being set in the Fortress of Festivity area of the game.

We will have continuing coverage of Pikmin 3 in the event that additional DLC is announced for the title. For now, tell us, is anyone else excited about the return of Captain Olimar? Let us know in the comment section below.