Every Card For Magic: The Gathering’s The Walking Dead Crossover Revealed


Despite overwhelming negativity from large swathes of the player base, Wizards of the Coast has soldiered on with its pre-release hype campaign for Magic: The Gathering‘s latest crossover product. Announced last week, Secret Lair X The Walking Dead immortalizes several characters from AMC’s hit series as playable cards in the CCG, an important distinction to make and the primary reason why folks have taken umbrage with their creation.

As a limited product (Secret Lair drops are only available to pre-order for roughly one week before they’re gone forever), many are concerned that each card’s short availability period and unique abilities set a dangerous precedent for future offerings, potentially alienating those who perhaps don’t have the means to secure their copies before the window closes for good. Whether the backlash will be enough to make Wizards think twice about doing something similar in the future remains to be seen, of course, but there’s no changing what’s already set in stone.

Those willing to pay the $49.99 price tag will receive all of the following:

  • 1x Foil Full-Art Daryl, Hunter of Walkers
  • 1x Foil Full-Art Glenn, the Voice of Calm
  • 1x Foil Full-Art Michonne, Ruthless Survivor
  • 1x Foil Full-Art Negan, the Cold-Blooded
  • 1x Foil Full-Art Rick, Steadfast Leader
  • 5x Different Foil Walker Tokens
  • 1x Foil Treasure Token

As the product page (link below) is so keen to stress, all the above should be considered brand-new cards and not reprints.

As they’re not part of a main set, Standard decks will be barred from using them, though Commander and other Eternal formats are fair game. Pre-orders for the bundle are now live and will continue to stay that way until next week, October 12th, so you’ll want to get your order in ASAP, assuming you’re not one of thousands who have chosen to boycott Magic: The Gathering in light of this latest move. As always, though, let us know which side of the fence you sit on in the usual place below!