Could New Carmageddon Game Be An Independent Title?

Recent rumors indicate that the previously mentioned Carmageddon countdown may end up being an independent release. It had been thought that Square-Enix were the ones handling the game as the game’s website is linked to their ownership, but new information leads us to believe that the company will not have anything to do with the project anymore. Perhaps they sold the rights of both the game and its website recently, and have yet to officially transfer site ownership? Who knows.

The source goes on to mention that there is a reason as to why the website’s countdown ends on June 1. Apparently the game’s announcement is set for that date because it will not be shown or playable at E3 this year. No developer information was listed, though there’s the possibility that its original developer Stainless Games may be the ones working on this new installment. They developed the first two games in the series.

We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything new.