Carve The Slopes With EA Sports’ SSX Demo

Those of us who have been eagerly awaiting our chance to board down majestic mountains in an outrageously stylized manner are in luck today. This happens to be the release date for a specific EA Sports demo. One which just so happens to be for their SSX revamp, that hits store shelves at the end of this month.

The single player portion of the trial includes classic series boarder Zoe Payne, who can compete in Race It or Trick It events. That is where the majority of the free action takes place, as online is only available for players to upload their run ghosts to Explore Mode. Though, sending a notification about the demo to a friend through online means, will allow you to unlock Mac Fraser as a playable character.

As of right now, the demo is only available on Xbox LIVE. Though, that will change when the PlayStation Network updates later today.

SSX will be in-stores on February 28.