Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Launches Early September

castle of illusion mickey mouse

This past week Sega announced that the HD remake of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse will hit its target “summer” launch window, by releasing on September 3rd for the PlayStation Network and on September 4th for Xbox Live Arcade and PC.

The game will run a cool $14.99 across all three platforms, however, there is a pretty sweet benefit for pre-ordering the HD remake on the PlayStation Network. Between August 20th and September 2nd, anyone who pre-orders Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse on PSN will immediately be able to download the beloved Sega Genesis original, an exclusive dynamic theme, and three avatars for free.

I’m not usually interested in pre-order bonuses that don’t have a direct impact on how much the game costs, but I have to admit that this is a fantastic deal. Being able to revisit the original Castle of Illusion prior to the launch of the HD remake is a extremely tempting offer, that I probably won’t be able to resist.

Check out some screenshots from the Sega Genesis version of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse in the gallery below, and look for more coverage on the upcoming remake as we get closer to its September release date.