Castlevania Developer MercurySteam Set To Reveal New Game In April


Developer for the Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow series, MercurySteam, have begun teasing their next big game, with a full reveal due in April. A countdown clock has appeared on the studio’s website to mark the announcement, which will reach zero on April 15, so we’re still a few weeks away from finding out what it is exactly that they’re working on. However, you can pretty much rule out a sequel to Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2, the concept art for the as-yet-unannounced title exudes a much different atmosphere to the aforementioned, vampire-centric series.


Besides the above teaser image of what is potentially a new protagonist, details on the developer’s “next AAA hit” are painfully slim. However, its been discovered by that Dave Cox – despite having left partner company Konami after the completion of LoS 2 – is on board as an external producer and consultant for MercurySteam’s current project.

According to a statement on Cox’s LinkedIn profile, he was approached by MercurySteam to work on the project:

When I was approached by MercurySteam to get involved in their new project, I jumped at the chance. It’s been my great fortune and pleasure to work with this talented studio over many years. I’m extremely excited about this very ambitious work they’re undertaking. MercurySteam continue to push boundaries and their sheer creative spirit always astounds me. It’s great to be back with my old team mates!

Likewise, studio head Enric Alvarez confirmed Cox’s return for their new game:

Making games is a real passion for us and we enjoy tackling huge challenges. We’ve worked with Dave over many years and his passion and enthusiasm coupled with years of experience will give us a strong foundation for what will be our most ambitious undertaking as an independent studio.

Right then, it’s time to start speculating. We’ve got almost an entire month’s worth of waiting until MercurySteam lifts the lid on what they’ve been working on since the completion of LoS 2, and, considering that came out over two years ago, we already know its been in development for a good while.

Think you’ve got a good idea on what sorts of features MercurySteam‘s new IP is going to have? Let us know in the comments below.