Catch A Glimpse Of Red Hood In New Batman: Arkham Knight Clip


Acting as part of the threequel’s expansive DLC plans, GameStop has unveiled a new clip for Batman: Arkham Knight that introduces the mysterious Red Hood as a playable character.

Mixing live-action footage with gameplay, there isn’t an awful lot to go on save for the footage toward the end, which sees the mysterious persona dispensing a much more robust form of justice compared to The Caped Crusader. Much like the Harley Quinn-themed content pack before it, GameStop’s own Red Hood DLC will take place before the events of the main game, and unless Rocksteady adopt a sudden change of heart in the months after release, said expansion will remain exclusive to GameStop pre-orders for the foreseeable future.

Now that we’re into the month of June, Batman: Arkham Knight very much represents the next big tentpole release in the video game calendar. Just last week we learned that the anticipated trilogy-capper is far and away the biggest title that Rocksteady has built, while the behind-the-scenes Arkham Insider series takes you up close and personal with the creative process behind the pixels.

Whether or not you’re growing tired of Batman: Arkham Knight‘s stream of additional content, one thing is for sure: Rocksteady’s sequel will swoop onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 23.