The Cave Is Not Double Fine’s Kickstarter Game

Earlier this week it was discovered that Double Fine Productions recently filed a U.S trademark application for “The Cave“. Given that the application occurred smack in the middle of their Kickstarter campaign, many suspected that this was the possible name for the point-and-click adventure. A company representative has since issued a statement about the trademark, and it turns out that the two are not related.

“While we can’t comment on unannounced projects, we can say that Double Fine’s Kickstarter-funded adventure game has not been started, designed, or even imagined yet. No trademarks have been filed on its behalf,” the representative told GameSpot.

Pretty cut and dry, however, now I’m curious as to exactly what The Cave is…

Currently the Double Fine Adventure stands at just over $2.32 million contributed from 67,355 backers, and 12 days left to go.

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