CD Projekt To Modernize The Original Cyberpunk Setting

Announced at this year’s CD Projekt conferenceCyberpunk has become one of those far off in the future projects that manage to excite by its title alone. Whilst based upon the genre-defining pen and paper game by Mike Pondsmith, CD Projekt RED have now revealed that they will be further modernizing the futuristic setting of the original.

Speaking with Wil Wheaton for Game Front, Adam Badowski, the projects managing director, revealed that the team is working closley with Mike Pondsmith to hack into the feel of the original whilst updating its vision of the future from the original 1980’s conceptualization:

“Cyberpunk is about the not-too-distant future, so we have to refresh the classic Cyberpunk setting. Our inspiration is more around the film Blade Runner. [It’s] more about how technology empowers you to change the world on your own.”

“So we’re not recreating a ‘retro’ world, because I don’t think that would be believable to a younger audience.”

Badowski then relayed that Mike Pondsmith feels like the setting should be conceived through “foreseeing the trend from now to this not-too-distant future, and [predicting] what will be there.”

From the moment the first details and the above artwork appeared upon my augmented glasses, this has been a project that I have had dangerously high hopes for. Finding out that the team are making an arguably necessary and fully supported change to the setting, reassures me that they are indeed more than capable of appropriately realising this projects potential – its future looks rather bright, but only time will tell if that is merely due to all of the fluorescent neon lighting.

Source: VG247