CD Projekt RED Hack Into Cyberpunk For Their New Triple-A RPG

CD Projekt Red, the developers behind the Witcher series, are hacking into the Cyberpunk setting for their new ‘triple-A’ RPG. Based upon the rather aptly named ‘Cyberpunk‘ pen-and-paper game by Mike Pondsmith, players will be able to build their character from a series of Cyberpunk staples, such as my personal go-to the ‘Hacker’, and upgrade them with various tech implants throughout the game’s non-linear storyline. Whilst still very early in development, having been announced at the ‘CD Projekt Conference’ only yesterday, the game’s future has already got a certain neon glow of success about it.

With various veterans from the Witcher series being involved and its boast of being “brutal where it needs to be” the game will be a welcomed continuation of the mature tone that the team have established, but does this announcement mean that the recently rumoured ‘White Wolf’ console conversion of the original Witcher won’t be rising after all?

Regardless, even without a release window for the title, the promise of a Cyberpunk, choose-your-character RPG in the Witcher vain is more than enough to make sure that my (bionic) eyes are planted firmly upon the project’s future.

Source: Joystiq