CD Projekt Red Say Blood And Wine Will Look Better Than The Witcher 3



CD Projekt Red continued their build-up to Geralt’s latest adventure by asserting that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine would actually look better than the base game. In an interview with Eurogamer, the developers even added that the expansion would present a technical upgrade as well.

In response to criticism over an apparent “graphical downgrade” in The Witcher 3, it seems CD Projekt Red were intent upon proving the doubters wrong and providing the game’s critics with something gorgeous enough to shut them up. Senior environment artist, Len de Gracia told Eurogamer just how they went about this and made the graphical upgrade a reality:

80, 85, probably even 90 per cent of the assets – in terms of environment that you find in this game – are brand new. You can just look at the market stalls right now: you would never see the same market stalls in the base game. For the longest time we were like, ‘I want this, I want that,’ and finally we got this chance – we got this room to incorporate other people. We have probably 20 times the amount of vegetables we used to! We just wanted to show that we can actually push it to the limit this time.

It certainly sounds as though the final expansion to Geralt’s spectacular adventure is going to be an attractive one, and you can check out a few of the latest screens for the content below.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine will release for all systems on May 31.